Physical Therapy Assistant Schools in Michigan

Residents of the Great Lakes State currently have the choice of 11 physical therapy assistant schools in Michigan that offer accredited training programs. These schools are spread across the state, from the shores of Portage Lake in the north, to the Detroit area further south. [Read more...]

How Physical Therapy Assistants Can Help with a Fall Risk Assessment

Physical therapy assistants have a key role to play in helping their supervising physical therapist deliver treatments to all kinds of patients. One area of concern that has received publicity recently is the risk among the elderly of falling. [Read more...]

Physical Therapist Assistant Requirements

Physical therapist assistant requirements are a mixture of personal qualities, technical knowledge, and practical skills gained through training, observation, and experience. It’s a responsible role that can bring great job satisfaction as a physical therapy assistant works with patients and fellow team members, and plays an important part in helping to deliver the plan of care devised by the supervising physical therapist. [Read more...]

Why Should You Train At A Physical Therapy Assistant School?

Physical therapy assistant school admissions staff report that there is considerable competition for places in their programs. For example, in 2010 the University of Indianapolis received 130 applications for just 27 places. Why is a spot in a PTA training program so highly sought after — and what makes physical therapy assisting such a popular career? We look at some of the attractions of this job, and some of the best ways to break into the profession. [Read more...]

Physical Therapy Assistant Requirements

Physical therapy assistant requirements are regulated by individual state boards of physical therapy, to ensure that practising PTAs have the appropriate training and licensing to operate in the various jurisdictions in the US. Almost every state requires that a physical therapist assistant be licensed or certified, and that status depends on fulfilling a variety of conditions, including passing the National Physical Therapy Exam, and graduating successfully from an accredited physical therapy assistant training program. [Read more...]

Physical Therapy Assistant Certification

Physical therapy assistant certification is often used as an alternative term to describe getting a license to practice as a physical therapist assistant. Some people also use the term “certification” when referring to professional training — as in “gaining a certificate.” It’s important to be clear about the differences between these meanings, and to understand the standards and regulations that govern licensure for PTAs. [Read more...]