Physical Therapy Assistant Degree Programs

A physical therapy assistant degree is an essential part of preparation to enter this health care services career. Graduating from an accredited training program provides you with the skills and knowledge needed to work successfully as a PTA — and makes you eligible to sit the National Physical Therapy Exam as part of your application for licensure. [Read more...]

Physical Therapist Assistant Programs

Physical therapist assistant programs are offered across the country for students who want to get into the exciting and fast growing career of physical therapy assisting. It’s a job which suits people who enjoy working with others on a daily basis, and who have an interest in helping those who are suffering from pain after an accident or illness, have trouble with mobility or are otherwise disabled, or are recovering from surgery. [Read more...]

Physical Therapy Assistant Training

Physical therapy assistant training begins at college with a two-year course leading to an Associate of Science degree. Over five semesters, students learn the theoretical principles of physical therapy assisting, and observe their practice and implementation in a series of clinical experiences. But training also remains an ongoing feature of this career — because in most states, evidence of continuing education is a requirement for maintaining licensure for professional practice. [Read more...]

Physical Therapy Assistant Program Information

Physical therapy assistant program details are available on the websites of schools and colleges, giving information about training courses to prepare aspiring PTAs to enter this fast-growing field. Healthcare service occupations are predicted to enjoy significant employment opportunities over the coming years, as the population lives longer, and as medical science finds new diagnoses and treatments to help people cope with illness and disability. [Read more...]

Online Physical Therapy Assistant Programs

Online physical therapy assistant programs may seem appealing to those who are considering a career in physical therapy assisting, and who are currently working a full-time job, have domestic commitments or other obligations which they need to integrate with their study schedule. But before trying to become a PTA online, it’s very important to consider whether the training you would receive from such a program is a satisfactory preparation for a career. [Read more...]