Physical Therapist Assistant Job Description

Physical therapist assistant job description details should give you an idea of the ideal candidate that the employer is seeking. They should explain what experience is required, any special skills sought, and the nature of the essential duties and responsibilities of the position. They should also list minimum requirements for eligible applicants, such as being a graduate of an accredited PTA program, having a passing score on the National Certification Exam, holding certification in CPR, and having licensure or being in process of application to obtain it.

While all physical therapist assistant jobs may have many features in common, these professionals work in many different settings — from clinics, hospitals, and nursing care facilities, to home health agencies, schools and sports facilities, and other kinds of private enterprise. So you can expect to see some sort of listing in the job description of the standard responsibilities of the successful appointee. These may include:

  • observation of patients
  • measuring patients’ progress
  • reporting back treatment outcomes to the supervising physical therapist
  • maintaining therapy equipment, and keeping the treatment area properly organized and clean
  • giving treatments such as ultrasound, electrical stimulation, and massage
  • assisting with patients’ exercise routines
  • helping patients to move to and from treatment areas
  • fitting and measuring for support devices and helping patients manage their use
  • co-operating with other physical therapy personnel to ensure effective treatment strategies
  • administrative and clerical tasks, such as answering the phone, maintaining records, monitoring inventory of supplies and ordering replacements
Physical Therapist Assistant Job Description

The job description should also give an indication of the physical therapist assistant salary, benefits, and bonuses that a successful applicant can expect. Staff may be entitled to health care benefits such as a prescription plan, dental and vision coverage, medical insurance, life insurance and disability insurance, workers compensation insurance, professional and general liability insurance, a continuing education reimbursement up to a fixed amount, and other perks of the job.

The Value of a Physical Therapist Assistant Job Description

A detailed job description isn’t just an information sheet for prospective applicants. It also gives them valuable guidelines to help them prepare an application and target their resume and cover letter to respond to the primary needs of the recruiter. Many jobhunting experts recommend a strategy of tailoring your physical therapy assistant resume to each individual job application, highlighting areas of your expertise and work experience that make you a great fit for the position you seek. It’s been estimated that applicants have only a few seconds of their reader’s attention when their resume is being screened — so it makes sense to pique their interest by writing a compelling profile or summary of skills which responds to the employer’s stated requirements in the job description.

You can research vacancies online by visiting popular job listing websites such as,,, and

When you’re looking for vacancies that match your skills, expertise, and experience, you will likely find that every physical therapist assistant job description is subtly different. That’s why many recruitment experts recommend tweaking a resume and cover letter to match the specifics of every application you make, rather than relying on a “one size fits all” approach. Use the job description details to explain to the employer or hiring manager why you are the perfect fit for the job as a PTA.

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