Physical Therapist Assistant Schools in Texas

As befits the second largest state in the Union, Texas is a great place in which to base your career as a physical therapist assistant. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it offers the largest number of employed PTA positions of any state (4,760 according to May 2011 estimates) and also offers the highest mean wage ($66,170 per annum, assuming year-round, full-time employment.)

If you want to train for this profession, there’s no shortage of accredited programs, either. In 2012, the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education lists 20 institutions offering PTA training to associate degree level, which usually takes about two years to complete. Once trained, you’ll be eligible to apply for your license in order to begin professional practice.

So where can you find these programs – and are they only located in the major metropolitan areas, like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio? Check out our infographic to find which schools offer PTA training in your neck of the woods:

Physical Therapist Assistant Schools in Texas

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