Physical Therapy Assistant Schools In Texas

Physical therapy assistant schools in Texas aim to teach students the essential knowledge and skills to be ready to take the examination for licensure are available from the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy and enjoy a successful career as physical therapy assistants.

Texas offers a wide range of courses across the state, including those that provide on-campus classes, online tuition options, and a range of practical, clinical work experience opportunities to complement the academic content of programs. As well as acquiring requisite physical therapists skills, students need to understand legal and ethical issues relating to health care, be aware of the role of physical therapy within the broad scope of health care provision, have a vision of their own possibilities for personal and professional growth, and possess the problem-solving and critical thinking abilities to be successful in their career.

Below is a selection of physical therapist assistant schools available in Texas at the time of writing, leading to an Associate of Applied Science degree. These programs are usually delivered over four or five semesters, and may include general courses such as communication (speech and composition), humanities or fine arts, mathematics, human anatomy and physiology, and general psychology. Major course topics may include include information on physical therapy as a profession, applied physical principles, pathophysiology, basic patient care, functional anatomy and neurology, neurological disorders, therapeutic exercise and rehabilitation techniques, data collection, and issues in health care. The practicum is an integral part of the course.

Physical Therapy Assistant Schools In Texas

Other specific admissions requirements may include a background check and substance abuse screening, a physical exam, up-to-date specialized immunizations, and HIPAA training. Visit course specific websites for updated information and comprehensive requirements.

Amarillo College

This program, delivered over five semesters, includes general education content as well as the principal course requirements for physical therapy.

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Austin Community College

Applicants to this program must complete at least 40 hours volunteer work in physical therapy facility. Courses are taught at the Eastview Campus, 3401 Webberville Road, Austin, TX. Information sessions are available online on specific dates prior to the commencement of the course, although applicants are recommended to attend a face-to-face information session.

More information is available from the College’s Health Sciences page at

Blinn College

Blinn’s PTA program is offered at its Bryan campus, and accepts a maximum of 20 students per annum. Courses begin in the fall, and are designed to be completed within two years. It is generally expected that students will spend at least 30 hours a week completing assignments and preparing for lectures and clinical practice. Students must take course components in the order and during the semester prescribed, and need to maintain a 2.5 GPA (with a minimum pass grade of 75 in each component.)

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El Paso Community College

Students having completed a High School Diploma or GED and satisfying other specific minimum criteria may apply to the college for entry to this program, which accepts 16 applicants per year. It is a five semester program, and all enrollees must maintain a minimum C grade in specialist courses in order to graduate.

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Houston Community College System

HCC offers its Physical Therapy Assistant program at Coleman College, a member institution of the Texas Medical Center. Clinical practical experience may be gained at the Texas Medical Center or at other hospitals or facilities in the area. The five semester course accepts 40 students each year for a program that begins in the fall.

Specific information may be found at

Kilgore College

Kilgore aims to provide the theory, knowledge and skills required for entry level physical therapist assistants in a variety of clinical situations and locations. The five semester PTA course begins in the fall, and the college accepts 16 to 18 students each year out of an applicant pool of 80 to 100.

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Laredo Community College

LCC’s PTA program is on offer at the Fort McIntosh Campus in the western part of Laredo, in buildings that used to house military troops from the days when the fort was established as Camp Crawford in 1849.

As well as completing 40 hours of volunteer work (not in a home health setting), applicants need to take a pre-entrance exam and panel interview, and no more than 18 students are admitted to the course in any one year. Participants need to maintain a 2.5 GPA and a minimum C grade in courses.

More information can be found on the LCC website at

Lone Star College

The Lone Star College System, operating in the northern outskirts of Houston, TX, is the largest higher education institution in that metropolitan area. The PTA program operates out of the Montgomery campus, close to I-45 in Conroe. This 67 hour course is delivered over two years, leading to an AAS degree.

Top-ranked applicants are invited to attend an interview and sending a sample of their writing to be reviewed by the admissions committee, and successful applicants must attend an orientation session during the summer before the course begins.

Go to for program details and a schedule of information sessions for prospective applicants.

McLennan Community College

The 200 acre MCC campus is based in Waco, TX, next to Cameron Park and the Bosque River, and enrolls approximately 9,500 students per semester. Applicants for the AAS PTA program need to have completed 20 hours volunteer work experience into different physical therapy locations. Reservations may be made for information sessions by calling 299-8568. Students enrolled in McLennan’s PTA two-year program are also offered membership in its Physical Therapy Club, which aims to promote awareness through a variety of campus and community activities.

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Northeast Texas Community College

NTCC assesses applicants for its PTA program using a points system, and goes on to interview top rated applicants, who are also asked to complete a writing assignment. The program accepts 16 students each year into each fall class, offered at its campus in Mount Pleasant, TX. For the years 2008, 2009 and 2010, NTCC claimed a 100% pass rate, with 100% of graduates employed.

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Odessa College

Located in the city of Odessa, OC’s Physical Therapy Assistant program is a two-year course pairing general education and specialist instruction, together with supervised clinical experience in area hospitals. Entry to the course is based on a variety of criteria which include successful completion of the PSB Health Occupations Aptitude Examination and the admission exam score, the applicant’s general academic record, references, interview, and a writing sample.

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San Jacinto College South

San Jacinto College South, located in the Greater Houston area, offers a PTA program of 66 credit hours, based on competitive entry with a maximum enrolment of 24 students per annum. It offers a certain degree of flexibility for part-time students who need to work throughout the course, allowing all the non-PTHA courses to be taken in the first year (although the PTHA course components do have to be taken in order, and the three clinical experience sessions of five or seven weeks are full-time assignments.)

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South Texas College

Located in the Rio South Texas Region, STC’s PTA program requires applicants to have completed at least 50 hours volunteer work experience into different locations, not including home health settings. Admission to the course is competitive, and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.50 on a 4.0 scale is required of participants.

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Tarrant County College

Tarrant offers its two-year physical therapist assistant training program from its Northeast Campus in Hurst, TX. Entry to the five semester course is by selective admission, and classes begin in the fall. Clinical rotations take place during the second part of the course at a variety of participating hospitals, nursing homes, and other facilities, and students are also required to take one semester of Saturday classes.

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Wharton County Junior College

WJCJ’s PTA program lasts 21 months, leading to an AAS degree. Students must maintain a grade of C or better in both non-PTA and PTA courses in order to satisfy graduation requirements. The program normally accepts 16 to 18 students per year, who undertake 53 credit hours of class tuition and a further 18 credit hours of supervised clinical experience.

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Students graduating from physical therapy assistant schools in Texas complete their professional preparation by taking the state licensing examination. As licensed physical therapist assistants, they may go on to find work in a wide variety of different settings, such as physical therapists’ offices, rehabilitation centres, home health care, and many other situations.

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